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Belleek Classic Luminaires

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Luminaires add a touch of contemporary class to any household. Our luminaires can create soft lighting in the darkest of rooms because of its pierced layer. Whether you’re in need of a night light for a child’s room, mood lighting for the living room or a table light to admire every time you come home from a long day.

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Belleek Classic

It is the fusion of the quality, craftsmanship and heritage of Belleek that has ensured it has not only survived but has thrived over the past 160 years since 1857. Each piece of Classic Belleek is created by 16 individual artisans. From design to production to quality control at our historic pottery, this is a process that has changed very little since 1857 and we look forward to the continued strength and success of this truly special brand for generations to come. The Belleek Classic collection features tableware, giftware and home accessories including the iconic Belleek Baskets. These works of art are treasured in homes around the world and passed down lovingly though generations. Back in 1857, the pottery’s founder John Caldwell Bloomfield declared that any piece with even the slightest flaw should be destroyed. Over 160 years later, this golden rule is still strictly adhered to. The result is perfection.

Belleek Classic Shamrock Luminaire
Belleek Classic Kimono Luminaire
Belleek Classic Shamrock Luminaire (US Fitting)
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