Royal Wedding Celebration Basket


The Limited Edition Royal Wedding Celebration Basket has been inspired by the Wedding of H.R.H Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle on 19th of May 2018 at Windsor Castle.

Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle have asked that anyone who might wish to mark the occasion considers making a donation to one of their chosen charities.


In support of this request Belleek are aiming to donate £4,000 to the Children’s HIV Association (CHIVA) through the sale of this very special limited edition Basket. The charity, one of those chosen by Prince Harry and Meghan, supports children growing up with HIV and their families, across the UK and Ireland.

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This Limited Edition basket has been made by hand in the shape of a heart, inspired by the Royal Wedding of H.R.H Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the 19th of May 2018 at Windsor Castle.

The 'heart' shape has been used to represent romantic love since the 15th Century and is a timeless symbol. It has been used to symbolise the adoration between Prince Harry and Meghan.

This hand woven basket features a ribbon detail at the top which signifies the marital saying 'tying the knot'. The basket is adorned with Roses, the national flower of both England and the United States of America. These Roses have been decorated in red, white and blue and sybolise the union between the couple as well as their nationalities. Lily of the valley is associated with the month of May and represents romance as well as happiness, humility and sweetness qualities which are also reflected in Harry and Meghan's warm characters. The peony is widely rumoured to be Meghan's favourite flower. There is an iconic hand crafted Belleek Shamrock to wish the happy couple a lucky start to their marriage and a joy filled future together.


Clare Conway

Belleek Designer