Collectors Society

Welcome to the Belleek Collectors International Society

Founded in 1979 the Belleek Collectors society has in the past had  several thousand members from all over the world including USA, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand.  Going forward there is no formal membership and all information on the website is freely available.

There are special events and gatherings organised by the chapters and groups from time to time and upcoming events will be notified through Belleek Pottery website and Facebook.

We are currently updating our Collectors page on the Belleek Pottery website, which features historic information and back issues of the B.C.I.S magazine. Some features are not currently available but should be back before too long.


For more details on how to become a part of the various Belleek Collectors groups please see below details of local chapters and groups:

Belleek Pottery Facebook Page

Belleek Pottery Visitor Centre Facebook Page

Belleek Collectors International Society Facebook Page

Northern Ireland Collectors Group

UK Collectors Group

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Belleek STUDIO Collection

The "Studio Collection" is a new collection created in-house by our design and production teams at Belleek Pottery.  Overlooking Lower Lough Erne, stands our impressive factory and creative design studio in County Fermanagh.  Established in 1857, over 60 craftspeople manufacture our famous Parian China using the same skills passed down through the generations. Each hand crafted piece originates as a concept in the studio, where our product designers take inspiration from our museum archive, travel, galleries and surrounding nature.  Images, colour and techniques are collated and developed into next season’s  Artisan Homeware collections.